Fun Run Donation

15th Annual Fun Run: Spirit Week Mar 22-26th 2021

MRES Fun-Run Warm-Up 1
MRES Fun-Run Warm-Up 2
Walk, bike, or scooter around the MRES garden
10 burpees, 10 pushups, and 10 sit ups
Fun Run Lunges & Squats
Jumping Jacks
Bear Crawl, Crab Walk, Frog Hops
Dance with a family member
Fun Run Background Video
Bike Video
Plank Video
Family Member Workout

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In the past at MRES, our students annually pledge to run while raising funds at the same time. This year, students will receive a BINGO card to participate in their choice of activity. Can the family go out for a walk/run/bike/scooter outing and find the MRES yard signs around the school? Students can also follow the daily videos found in their asynchronous learning for each day of the week.

Our Spring fundraiser will directly benefit MRES teachers and students with funds for classroom grants, technology grants, Monarch Garden, STEM programs like Project Lead the Way and so much more.

Student Fundraising Pledge: Students can ask family and friends to donate between Mar 1st-Mar 24th with the promise of completing the activities on their Fun Run Bingo Card. Once donations are collected, parents can donate the final amount on this page.

  • $20 donations = 1 t-shirt with Monarch & sponsor logo (C/O Theresa Manalang of The Avenue Home Collective)
  • $40 donations = 1 t-shirt with logos AND 1 entry ticket for raffle prizes from our community sponsors